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Covid-19 precautions described below

Have you been dreaming about learning to paint?

Great news.  You can, and now's the time!

Saturdays & Mondays

10:00 - 1:00


Intermediate / Advanced

$200 for five classes.  

You provide supplies (I provide list!)


Beginners / New Painters  

$200 for four classes.  

Supplies provided.

I am 100% convinced that just about

anyone can learn to paint,

so if you want to, contact me now!  

You will have a blast! 

Sandy and Peter painting.jpg

Small groups.

Individual attention + Group teachings = Fun & Success!

You'll learn from me, from each other, and by doing.


What Students Say...

and What They've Created..

COVID-19 Precautions


Masks required

Hand sanitizer at door for everyone

All workstations 6' + from each other

Let's stay safe

 "Jenae’s painting classes are helping me achieve my goal of being a real artist based on the techniques she teaches and the freedom to paint what I want.  I am learning the importance of composition, and how to paint realistically, which is what I want.  In addition to learning, I thoroughly enjoy working in her studio; her classes are fun and lively... and an amazing place to be.  And to top it off, I won a large scholarship and two recognition awards at a show!" 
Galia L

 "I’m having such a great time at my painting class!  I'm learning technique and creating paintings I'm proud to hang.  

Give it a try, you’ll discover that you too can paint!  Jenae is a great teacher."                     
Sandy G 

"Jenae is a great teacher.  I wanted to make painting a serious new hobby, and Jenae is a great inspiration.  She offers structure, guidance, and at the same time encourages independent thinking.


I highly recommend Jenae." 
Dr. Brent S

 "Jenae is both an extraordinarily gifted artist and a passionate teacher of her craft.  I've learned so much about painting techniques (and have such fun!) at her weekly Saturday morning workshops. 

"Thanks, Jenae!"
Peter F